The best thing is that this tool constantly releases updates and receives new features on a regular basis. Windows has a built-in tool called Game Bar to help you record your screen during PC and Xbox gaming sessions. But this tool can also be used to record non-gaming apps and activity.

Just connect your phone to the same wifi network and your clips automatically sync to your app on your phone – instantly. is used by some of the best players in the world to clip and share their gameplay. You may have been using Windows 10 for a while now, but there are a lot of features that you might not know about or haven’t tried before.

For example, I have saved mine is windows.bat you can also name yours anything you wish. Now, this technique is slightly read more technical but very easy to achieve if you follow the step-by-step procedures as required. Select “Windows Security” from the left pane and choose “Open Windows Defender Security Center”. Once you click Next, you’ll be provided a screen similar to the one in Figure B. I want to stress that this is a legitimate process sanctioned by Microsoft; it is not a “hack,” nor does it involve piracy.

– Windows 10 Build Numbers

Windows 11 marks the initial considerable shakeup in sustained CPUs considering that the launch of Windows 8.1. If you desire the most up to date OS, you’ll require an Intel Core 8th-generation cpu or more recent or an AMD Ryzen 2000 cpu or more recent. Windows 10 has a conventional tablet computer setting that makes your computer most likely to a full-screen Beginning Food selection experience. However if you wish to pin your Taskbar to the right or the left of the display, after that we have trouble. You can no more do that natively, as in Windows 11, the Taskbar just remains on all-time low. Paid third-party applications like Start11 can transform it if you desire, nevertheless.

  • Here, we introduce two free screen recorders to capture everything on your Windows 10 laptop.
  • But we also have to continually move forward with the advancement of computer interface technology.
  • If you have a licensed copy of Windows 10, you’re likely eligible for security upgrades that can help protect your computer from malware and other cyber dangers.

Note that the recorded slideshow will include the Steps Recorder window, so you may have to move it out of the way in order to show what you want to show. The Steps Recorder, which resembles a full-screen camcorder, springs to life. In the Cortana box to the right of the Start icon, type steps, and tap or click Steps Recorder.

Fix: Unable to reach Windows activation servers Windows 10

If your workflow is complicated, then there’s a chance that Windows 11 may break it. Especially if you rely on a ton of third-party apps and related configurations. New users will feel welcome, and users upgrading from older versions may have a few issues, but nothing too drastic like we saw in the Windows 8 days.

Windows 10: can’t change location of Documents folder

Newman is a command-line collection runner for Postman. It allows you to effortlessly run and test a Postman collection directly from the command-line. It is built with extensibility in mind so that you can easily integrate it with your continuous integration servers and build systems.